What does Top Consulting offer ?


Tactics to Optimize
the Potential

  1. Long proven mental techniques
  2. The Optimization of your performances
  3. Develop your physical and mental potential



  1. A personalized support
  2. The use of simple techniques
  3. Achieving your goal in an autonomous way



  1. Initial Training (FI TOP)
  2. The TOP for oneself
  3. The TOP Expert

It is before any a team


Founder of TOP Consulting,
First TOP® Expert for the French Air Force


Fighter Pilot ,
TOP® Expert


Sébastien DUPONT
Educational manager in the French Army,
TOP® Expert

Laurent VINE
Performance specialist,
TOP® Expert

Pedagogical manager in the French National Gendarmerie, and TOP® Instructor.

What if we shared 35 years of practice ?

Share my 35 years to be alongside those who want to Dream,
to Believe, to Dare.
These 35 years to get people go further, to help them bloom and See Far.

Just like this arrow hurling towards the stars, symbolizing the accession to their dreams of all these little princes and princesses whom I accompanied in their dream to become a fighter pilot, I offer you to fly as high as possible and touch the stars.
Your own stars!

I offer to accompany you to learn to let your emotion and instinct boost your self-confidence
And to help you to trust and teach you to trust yourself.

That’s my experience, that’s my sharing.

Starting signal !

30 ans d'experience, photo avec une équipe de l'armée
Top Consulting : A qui s'adresse les TOP, travail en groupe

Tactics to Optimize the Potential (TOP)®, and mental preparation : what for ; for whom ?

My fields of intervention are varied and comprehensive, they address :

  • To all people (children, students, executives, …) who wish to express their potential or to manage stress and pressure.
  • To all support professionals (business, health, education, sports, …) who whish to integrate TOP® methods into their services.
  • To those who simply wish to achieve their goals, manage their emotions to be successful and develop positively.
  • This, whatever may be your expectations, your dreams and your singularities.

Top Consulting
in a few numbers

hours of TOP coaching
practitioners trained and formed
athletes followed. On a national, international and Olympic level, all in the last 3 years


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