For Companies and groups

Manage your teams, control your emotions and tame your stress.

Unit 1 : The human factor: a force

  • Group synergy
  • The shared error
  • Mental programming of collective success
  • TOP tools on a daily basis

Unit 2 : Prevention of Psycho-Social Risks

  • Stress and burn out
  • Recovery / Regulation / Relaxation
  • Significance / Mechanism / Sleep Management
  • TOP tools to prevent

Unit 3 : Managing emotions: an asset in the company

  • Spotting, defining emotions
  • Manage, communicate
  • To program
  • TOP tools to manage
Formation entreprises et groupes
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Unit 4 : "A la carte"

Let’s build together, according to your expectations and objectives, this training unit.

Example: Stress management by the TOP

This unit is intended for companies and their employees to understand stress at work and to defeat its negative aspects. It is an internship at the service of the human who transmits pragmatic tools to all and which allows an educational approach essential to the prevention of burn-out.
It is adapted and adaptable according to particularities, corporate cultures and previously defined goals.
It is based on know-hows acquired through contact with very high-level groups such as the French Air Patrol (Patrouille de France) and the fighter squadrons, special forces and professional sports clubs.


Conferences, interventions, seminars on TOP and their adaptation to the world of business have already been set up.
Such as :

  • Synergy and teambuilding.
  • Fatigue and burn out prevention.
  • Zone of comfort, belief and surpassing oneself.

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