What they say about us

What they say about us

Sportsmen, professionals or individuals, all have a story to tell.

Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia
President of Winfield Group

« On the occasion of the Volant Winfield 2018 training program – detection and selection of young drivers from the karting level to promote their accession to the first step of motorsport, the Formula 4 – the Winfield Racing School appealed to TOP Consulting and Laurent Sauriat to accompany 18 drivers aged 14 to 18, from 9 different nationalities. During 3 days, he trained them to the TOP and gave them the basics to prepare themselves mentally, manage their emotions and pressure, to free themselves to obtain the best performance possible on track at the wheel of the Winfield School F4 cars. As in many sports, mental strength is essential in motorsport to make a difference. In particular, Laurent allowed the 3 finalists, with totally different characters and therefore different individual issues, to find their own way to perform. Brazilian winner, Caio Collet, the most Latin of the three finalists, had to master his emotions and the pressure to win the 2018 edition of the Winfield Volant and be engaged in the very demanding F4 French Championship.
Following this extremely enriching experience, Laurent Sauriat continues the work with the Winfield Racing School throughout the season to accompany these young drivers in competition and allow them to fight for the title of French Formula 4 Champion, in parallel with his involvement in the young driver training programs offered by the Winfield Racing School.
Thank you Laurent! And thanks to the TOP! »

Marianne Buso

Marianne Buso
Paralympic athlete

« Thanks to the TOP and thanks to the sessions with Laurent I could take an extra step in my sports performances ! It is an indispensable tool for me now. I first learned to know myself better, to gain confidence, to preview the key moments ahead in competition to better manage them. I worked on my breathing, on the mental imagery, on the projection of his movements in the space, on the concentration and this, all along an intense game, knowing how to bring calm when it is necessary, to have routines to optimize repetitive movements such as free throws for example. I could not optimize my rest periods during training and competition and now I can relax on nap times as well as prepare for a training or a game, whether physically or mentally. I now hold a good number of techniques that allow me to optimize my performances whether it is throughout the season with the JDA Dijon or at major international competitions with the French National Team. This allowed me to manage or even use the great stress episodes such as at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 or during the game versus Spain in 2017 when we played the qualification at the Worlds. These tools are back in my daily life and help me to face each week where I cumulate my job and basketball, to arrive at the training in the best conditions in spite of the day of work in my head. »

jc Shneider

JC Schneider
Professional Motorcycle Driver

« The Techniques of Optimization of the Potential allowed me to optimize my performance before and during a race.
I also know how to better manage my fatigue, my concentration and my motivation throughout a race but also all along a season.
I learned to accept and anticipate the unknown while having fun driving. I especially know now how to channel my emotions and “project” myself positively.
They are simple tools, new and effective for me, synonymous with well being and performance. »

Olivier BAYLE
“Transformer” at Talentcampus

« Very nice training that allows to appropriate accessible and really effective techniques. This session came for me to reinforce and broaden my knowledge and practices on this theme after a DU ((French) University Diploma) of coaching in mental preparation. Putting it into practice as a trainer is a plus, and the tools are relevant even on large groups. Thank you Laurent for this transmission. »

Natalie Voisin et Thierry Degorge

Nathalie VOISIN et Thierry DEGORCE
 Leaders of JDA Dijon Basket and ISERBA Group

« Exercising a sport at the highest level and making your passion your job require a strong mobilization of resources and good management of emotions.
Chaining victories, but also defeats can alter our trust capital, we pass through periods of doubt, fatigue, lack of performance, those are many difficult situations facing professional athletes.
Thanks to Laurent’s TOP and accompaniment, the JDA was able to observe power ups in basketball players revealing all their physical and mental potential.
On the strength of this observation, we also asked Laurent to help for employees of the ISERBA Group. Like in a toolbox, everyone can now independently use the right technique at the right time and thus adapt to the stress and complexity of everyday life. Besides, beyond the professional aspect, it is a beautiful human encounter with Laurent and a very nice sharing of values. »

capitaine Orlowski

Alexandre Orlowski
Aerobatics World Champion
Fighter pilot
 Aerobatics pilot, member of the French Team and of the Air Force Aerobatic Team.
World Champion “unlimited” in individual and team sections.
Twice European champion “unlimited” by team.
Elite Champion of France.

« We’ve never been so careful about our physics than the last ten years, but what are we doing with our minds?
As a fighter pilot and top athlete, I practice aerobatics.
The progression in this demanding discipline, aiming at the highest step of the world podium led me to optimize all the details of my preparation. To best meet these requirements, I turned to Techniques of Optimization of the Potential (TOP).
Used initially for sporting and professional purposes with real efficiency, I extended their use to my personal and daily life, ultimately obtaining more results on the initial field of action.
Thanks to the TOP, the words “quickly”, “thoroughly”, “to the extreme”, which tended to be recurring markers of my daily life have given way to: “mastery”, “optimization”, “balance”, “performance”.
Simple tools, effective, adaptable and accessible to all that Laurent SAURIAT, praised expert in the armies, will be happy to transmit to you, to be at TOP in your professional activities, sports and your daily life.
Juvenal said: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.
Discover the meaning of this maxim and implement it with the TOP. »

Anthony Philippe
2019 Triathlon World Champion
Associate of physics

38 Ironman to my credit (3.8km swimming, 180km cycling, a marathon (42.2km), including 15 Ironman World Championship participations in Hawaii (French record).
5th Scratch Ironman in Embrun 2007
Vice World Champion Master (+ 40 years) in Hawaii in 2010
2 times European Master Champion (Ironman Frankfurt)
Champion of France Master in 2016
World Master (50-54) Champion in 2019

« Triathlete for more than 20 years, and especially “Ironman” distance specialist, I have always considered mental preparation as an essential element of training and competition. This type of test requires both physical and mental aspects.
Only, before knowing the TOP, I was content to try to implement some vague notions of mental preparation, putting “with my own recipes” some ideas or some personal methods little developed. But it was fragile, not based on reliable training, recognized and experienced.
I also had to deal with the stress of the pre-race, which could become a real handicap for me, especially on big races like the Ironman of Hawaii.
I then discovered the TOP training, whose title perfectly corresponded to what I expected: Techniques of Optimization of the Potential. After knowing more precisely, it turned out that the TOP would fully meet my expectations : stress management, mental programming to success, dynamization, motivation, visualization, short-term race management, long-term, etc. …
After a very serious training, duly technical, and led by a really motivating and dynamic team, I was able to put these methods of Mental Preparation in application on different tests, with great success and personal satisfaction. I finally had the tools I needed to optimize my potential on each of my competitions!
I can finally combine a sharp physical preparation with a mental preparation of iron to tackle competitions in the best conditions and take even more fun! »

Fighter pilot
 Former top athlete,
Fighter and reconnaissance pilot in the Air Force
and in the Navy,
216 war missions,
3500 flying hours.

« Operation Harmattan March 2011.
The airbase is teeming with fighter planes and air force pilots. Patrols take off following each other while transport planes unload new arrivals, equipment and ammunition.
In addition to this well-honed mechanics, our coach, “Lolo” is present at all times with us.
He attends, silently, the war briefings where crews plan to survive alone in enemy territory. He dynamizes and regulates the group, or the fighter pilot who wants to reduce the pressure a bit after a grueling combat mission of more than 7 hours. He accompanies crews at rest in the mechanization of certain reflex acts, from shooting to pre-packaged actions like prepared ejection. He is the partner of a “letting go” after a complex mechanical breakdown that prevented a friend from going to battle for a decisive mission.
He is a shadow fighter but we owe him a lot because it is with an incredible generosity that he knows how to answer present when the crews do not dare to ask for it.
It is the result of a demanding and elitist training in the middle of a closed group whose codes must be deciphered in order to be accepted within it. He is the white wolf in the pack, the one whose wisdom and expertise allow to talk about everything at any time, the one on which we can always count, even in case of doubt or difficulty. He draws his expertise from the human adventure that began in Afghanistan to continue in Iceland, Crete and Lithuania.
Few men or women are capable of such an abnegation in the search for individual performance, whether singular or within a group, that it takes the form of gestures for the combatants, preparation of athletes of high level, accompaniment of handicapped or sick children or group stimulation sessions in companies.
Laurent will be at your side and will make you face your ownself, for the best ! »

Professional volleyball player

Lisa Menet Haure
Professional volleyball player
Member of the French team

“To me, inherent fulfillment and motivation are two essential components of performance. Of course, technique, physical condition and trainings are crucial. But who teaches us to relax in sports clubs and training centres ? Who teaches us to be proactive ? To regulate ? To deal with stress ? To sleep better ? To take time for ourselves ? Or to simply breathe ? We often get asked to do all these things and we all try to establish routines and personal techniques. The TOP allowed me to optimize and define what I have been trying to do during my high-level athlete career. TOPs allow me to set personal psycho-physiological trainings to continue and know myself better as an athlete and as a woman. The method is appropriate because it takes into account the person in their psychomotor wholeness, because it targets autonomy and is customizable.”

Kimberley Bouchard
Professional handball player
Member of the JDA Dijon team

“My name is Kimberley Bouchard and I have been professionally playing at the JDA Dijon Handball team for 6 years. I have been working with Laurent for 3 years now. This work helped me find mental balance and so I naturally could overcome athletic obstacles. Indeed, I had trouble managing my emotions, being confident and seeing the bright side in the negative aspects.

Through the TOP’s, I learned how to best gain insight in diverse situations. Laurent also helped me bounce back during tough times. He taught me how to understand body language, he taught me how important it is for me to bring positive things to myself, to smile at myself, to encourage myself, to talk positively to myself and that all of that emphasizes the power of my unconscious. The TOP’s really helped me manage my fatigue, optimize my efforts and performances during key times, like remaining clear-headed and keeping my focus at the highest level. I learned to accept when I’m not feeling so good, so I can bounce back even harder and higher, while remaining positive and keeping my smile.

Thank you Laurent for all these simple ingredients that greatly contribute to my past, present and future performances.”