The TOP Practitioner Training

The TOP Practitioner Training

Unit 1 : the TOP for oneself
Cycle 1 : 3 days
Unit 2 : the TOP for oneself (continued)
Cycle 1: 3 days - level 1 validation
Unit 3 : the TOP in the service of others
Cycle 2 : 3 days - Educational tests
Unit 4 : the TOP in the service of others (continued)
Cycle 2 : 3 days - Validation of level 2 by educational tests
Unit 5 : TOP Practitioner Validation
TOP® Practitioner Certification : 3 days

Validation of level 3 is made with a written test of knowledge on the complete program, a pedagogical project and a practical session to set up and then perform, in connection with this project.

Validation of the Practitioner level (module 5): it is necessary to have carried out 10 sessions of TOP in individual and / or collective work with experts in TOP, referenced by us.

Issuance of the TOP Practitioner’s certificate co-signed by Dr. Edith PERREAUT, creator of the TOP technique and Laurent SAURIAT, expert in TOP.

Each validated unit remains acquired without time limit. Thus, the training can be spread over several courses or years of training.
Certification can be done at the IFPPC (French Institute of Psycho-Corporal Practices) in Paris.
Here is another institute where TOP are taught :

This first training will be held at the Bourgogne Franche Comté Innovation House, in partnership with TalentCampus


Seminar 1
Introduction to the TOP and training objectives

3 days
  • Method
  • Stress
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation: general principles
  • Mental Imagery, Internal Language and Visual, Hearing, Kinesthetic, Smell, Taste (VHKST / VAKOG), Mental Repetition (MR / RM)
  • Revitalization
  • Associated practices

Seminar 2
Revisions / Reminders

3 days
    • Field of competence: limits and deontology

<liDirect, indirect, sensory muscle relaxation (DMR / RMD, IMR / RMI, SR / RS)

  • Motivation
  • Expertise
  • Suggestion, semantics and pedagogy
  • Associated practices


The associated practices and field situations will be adapted to the places, to the students and the requests according to the available means. (e.g. : circuit training and regulation, mental imagery in the training, etc …).

Seminar 3
Revisions / Reminders

3 days
  • Communication, human factor, errors
  • Psycho-physio-personalized relaxation (P3R / R3P) origin and objective
  • Reflex Adjustment Signal Sign (RASS / SSAR)
  • Activation level regulation (ALR / RNA)
  • Mental Pre-activation (MPA / PAM)
  • Sleep and vigilance
  • Associated practices, teaching situations

Seminar 4
Revisions / Reminders

3 days
  • Personality: introduction and general principles
  • Body diagram and body image: TOP practices and links
  • Mental programming of success (MPS / PMR)
  • Positive reinforcement (R +)
  • Paradoxical relaxation
  • the Total man: reflections and thoughts
  • Revisions, written exam, educational situation scenario 1

A written knowledge check, validating the first four seminars, will be carried out thus allowing access to the validation of the last seminar.

A qui s'adresse la preparation physique et la sophrologie

Seminar 5

3 days
  • Revisions / Reminders
  • Paradoxical relaxation; explanations
  • Presentation of the educational project
  • Certifications
  • Optional: postural relaxation
  • Exchanges between trainees and the practitioner
  • Round table

For trainees desiring it, a supervision can take place during a training, in individual session, by videoconference, during a match in the following weeks on one (01) day.

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