FI TOP Initial Training

The Initial Training FI TOP

Three-day training (2+1).

Unit 1
Acquire basic knowledge
Unit 2
The TOP method
Unit 3
TOP and motivation
Unit 4
Top and fatigue management
Unit 5
Developing the TOP method
Unit 6
TOP and everyday life


Unit 1: Acquire the basic knowledge of the TOP method

  • Definition, history, indications and cautions ;
  • The fundamentals of the TOP method (Breathing, Relaxation, Mental Imagery and Internal Dialogue).
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Unit 2 : The TOP method to manage stress

  • Understand the mechanisms of stress
  • Early identification of internal and environmental elements that disrupt or promote adaptability under all circumstances
  • Detect your stress reactions to manage them
  • Training in TOP stress management techniques to accelerate the adaptation process in complex and / or difficult situations: soothing and energizing breaths, relaxations (direct muscular, indirect muscular, paradoxical, mental, postural, R3P – personalized psycho-physiological relaxation, Positive Reinforcement, Activation Level Control, Reflex Adjustment Sign-Signal.

Unit 3 : The TOP method to support and develop motivation

  • Understand the motivational process
  • Clarify intrinsic and extrinsic motivations
  • To train in techniques of dynamisation, positive anticipation and preparation for action: Mental Preparation of Success, Mental Repetition, Mental Pre-Activation
Top Consulting : A qui s'adresse les TOP, travail en groupe

Unit 4 : The TOP method to prevent and manage fatigue

  • Know the circadian and ultradian rhythms of alertness to recognize your own vigilance rhythms
  • Understand the mechanisms that cause fatigue and its consequences (on health, performance, relationships, safety …)
  • Detect warning signs of fatigue
  • Training in the recovery techniques proposed by the TOP method (recovery relaxations, naps)
  • 12 recommendations to prevent and manage fatigue
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Unit 5 : Developing Your Custom TOP Method

  • Training strategies
  • Adaptation of techniques to one’s personality, needs, expectations and goals

Unit 6 : Integrating the TOP method into your daily life

  • Strategies for use in one’s professional and personal life according to one’s goals
  • Build your own plan for action and individualized progress
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